Neurofeedback is Easy to Understand

EEG Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, NeuroTherapy, and NeuroBiofeedback are some of the terms used to describe neurofeedback. 

Neurofeedback is a technique for enhancing the brain’s capacity to function more effectively. It scans brain patterns and gives us a chance to exercise and test our brain’s function in the same way that physical exercise does, such as weight lifting for muscular strength or running for cardiovascular health. 

This ‘training’ naturally enhances the brain’s neuro-plasticity; its innate capacity to alter to build improved control and strength via trial and error and continuous use. The capacity to think more clearly, pay attention for longer periods of time, and boost our memory are just a few of the numerous advantages. 

Traditional Neurofeedback is not the same as SmartBrain Neurofeedback.


SmartBrain Technologies is a company specializing in cognitive technologies.

Neurofeedback is a type of training in which tiny sensors inserted in an adjustable visor detect the brain’s electrical patterns. These patterns are analyzed by a customized gadget that uses off-the-shelf video games and DVD movies to provide visual and audio feedback or’mirroring’ of these signals. A ‘feedback loop’ is created by continually monitoring brain processes. This trial-and-error method of learning provides a tough experience for the brain to build and reinforce. Increased awareness and distinction of mental states result from this brain training. Developing and sustaining physical fitness, like physical activity, takes time and effort. Consistent usage is the key to success!

The SmartBrain Technologies’ Experience

SmartBrain Technologies uses off-the-shelf Sony PlayStation® and Microsoft Xbox® video games as the feedback training for EEG Neurofeedback. As the player enters and maintains the desired brain state, full control of the game controller is enabled. The game player is able to play the video game seamlessly. If the player does not maintain the desired state, speed and steering control decrease.

Imagine playing a race car game. You are racing in time trials or against other players, using a game controller depressing the action buttons and directional pad to maneuver in the game. As you improve your focus, your car goes faster. If your focus wanders, you lose ground to the other racers. Your brain is the accelerator, your calmness the steering.

The same is true for our DVD Media Player System. Brain signals pass through to a computer receiver affecting the size of the movie screen and the volume.  The more you pay attention and channel your brain’s energy, the more you see and hear while the movie is playing. Thinking clearly is as easy and pleasurable as watching a movie.

Other types of neurofeedback

employ restricted and dull basic animations. The only really enjoyable, engaging training environment for brain training is offered by SmartBrain Training Technology.

SmartBrain Technologies is the first really enjoyable, interactive neurofeedback training environment using unique NASA technology. Similar to exercise, the more neurofeedback you perform, the more benefits you will experience. Although traditional EEG neurofeedback has proven quite successful, it has typically been delivered in a fairly tedious exercise-like fashion. How does standard neurofeedback differ from SmartBrain technologies?